The little things I do each week to save money

It might not seem like a big deal to some folks but I’ve learned that the little things we do on a daily basis really do make a difference.  Here is a list of some of the things we do (or try to do!) on a regular basis to save money:

-Dry laundry outside on the line, weather permitting, or hang it on racks inside to dry.  This not only saves money on electricity but also adds needed humidity during the winter months.

-We usually turn our oil burning furnace off in April.  We have an electric hot water heater so the furnace is not needed during the warm months.  It usually gets turned back on sometime in October. So far this winter we have no yet had to turn it on again.  Earlier this year we purchased 2 cords of hardwood for $400 delivered to add to the cord we had leftover from last year.   We have been using our zero clearance fireplace and a couple of small electric space heaters to heat the house.  It can get up to 82 degrees in the main rooms and 65-68 in the other rooms which is comfortable for us.  We would have spent well over $1000 on oil by this time if we were relying on it for heat.   And we have had average lows of 25-35 degrees and highs of 35-45 degrees.

-I cut my own hair.  I work outside the home so I need to look professional.  As I’m sure you know hair care can cost a bundle.  I found a video on YouTube that shows how to cut your own, simple layered cut at home!  I was a bit nervous at first but figured what’s there to loose?  If I mess it up I’ll just go to the salon to get it fixed.  If it turns out then I’ve saved at least $25!  Well, my awesome husband (AH) likes my home cut better than any that I’ve had professionally done in the 24 years we’ve been together!